Thursday, October 18, 2007


by Peggy Norton
Albuquerque Journal

I am so disappointed to read your editorial this morning regarding the proposed biomass plant. There has been a tremendous amount of controversy over this plant, and a lot of intelligent discussion. You totally ignore the other side of this issue and writeabout the project from the view of Mr. Cohen. The owners of this plant have taken advantage of many loopholes regarding the licensing of this plant. This is a new technology in the state and it needs to be done correctly because it will have a huge impact for many years. Numerous articles have been written in the Mountainview Telegraph, not only by Mr. Cohen, the owner but also by manty other people who disagree with the project. You would be doing your readers a service if you printed some of those articles from people who disagree with the plant. This is NOT clean energy, spewing 750 tons of pollutants into the atmosphere, which does not include diesel fumes and dust created by the trucks hauling wood. It is NOT renewable, because it necessitates burning trees that take 100-500 years to grow. It requires 10 milliontons of trees, if the plant is in operation for 20 years, and all these must come from within 50 miles of the plant. I think the Energy, Material and Natural Resources Dept. is wise to be looking ahead at the impact of this plant, and I wish the Environmental Improvement Board could have done so also. Do we really want to give $20 million in renewable energy tax credits for someone to clearcut our land and pollute our air? Wouldn't these monies be much better spent supporting solar and wind energy sources, which truly are renewable and clean?

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